Laulima Title, LLC

Laulima Title, LLC provides education, counseling, attorney referrals & paralegal research to residential and commercial property owners and their attorneys. Laulima Title Search & Claims LLC provides claim packets to be filed with title insurance companies under a lenders policy or owners policy

Our story begins in 2006, when President and CEO Kale Gumapac, a lifelong insurance agent, decided to try his hand in the mortgage industry. After consulting with a colleague, he began to learn about MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry System) and Securitization. Foreclosure was not as prevalent as it is now, but with his new mana’o, he could foresee the devastating effects that these things would have on the housing industry and homeowners. Fueled with a passion to help homeowners in his own state, he brought education and what we know as the forensic mortgage audit to Hawaii through his company Hawaiian Alliance LLC.

For over three years the method of the forensic audit worked. It allowed Hawaiian Alliance clients to stay in their homes and the audit provided them with the leverage they needed to begin to work out settlement agreements with their lenders with the assistance of a referred attorney.

During this time, Kale also began to tirelessly engage the legislature with one goal in mind: provide Hawaii’s homeowners in foreclosure with more options and protection. Today, Kale continues to engage the legislature – to encourage those in elected positions to pass legislation that will help Hawaii’s homeowners.

In the Fall of 2010, after attending a seminar by Dr. Keanu Sai, everything changed. Kale learned that although MERS and Securitization are still valid arguments, there is a stronger argument that questions the validity of Hawaiian land titles. How is this possible? Simply put – two Executive Agreements that are still in existence between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States. With this new found knowledge, the decision was made to transition Hawaiian Alliance, LLC from a forensic audit based company to Laulima Title Search and Claims, LLC, a company that knows there is a defect in title based on the Executive Agreements established in 1893, in Hawaii. A claim packet is assembled and filed with the title insurance company based on those defects. It was also decided to retain Dr. Sai, the foremost expert in Hawaiian land titles, as an expert consultant exclusive to Laulima.

Although the company name is new, the philosophy has not changed – Pupukahi I Holomua: Together we can move forward. The first part of our name reflects how we do this – with Laulima.

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